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Afterhours Rascals
I like to refer to this line of plugs as the sawed off shotgun of pencil poppers.  This modified, short and stubby pencil like plug casts like a missle, launches easily into and through even the toughest winds, and crates a thrashing action that generates vicious strikes on their retrieve. There's nothing like this on the market that we are aware of, yet it is a top, fish-producing plug. These lures feature the same quality craftsmanship that Afterhours Plugs are known for.

AH Rascals come in three different sizes.  At 6 inches long and weighting 2 3/4 ounces, the largest rascal can throw water like a scared and wounded baitfish.  And it's a good lure to work in any condition, especially around bait schools getting harassed by large predatory fish.  The largest of the Rascal line-up has two sets of VMC hooks.

The smaller brother of the AH Rascal is the 5 inch long, 2 ounce AH Lil' Rascal featuring a 4x VMC 4/0 treble hook.  Rounding out this set of lures is the AH Mini Rascal measuring 4 1/2 inchest and weighting 1 1/2 ounces.  The smaller versions have all the same characteristics of the larger AH Rascal - smooth casting, great action and fish catching ability second-to-none.
AH Senior Rascal (RSR) - $25.00 USD
AH Color Chart
AH Junior Rascal (RJR) - $24.00 USD
AH Color Chart
AH Mini Rascal (RM) - $24.00 USD
AH Color Chart
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